The work you make and the company you keep: Work & Company

The work you make and the company you keep

We believe in making things.

Work & Company was designed from the ground up to make digital products and services that can singlehandedly define a great brand. In our experience, the most energizing and transformative business ideas often materialize during the hard work of iterative design and development.

Our model is relatively simple. We hire only the most proven designers and engineers in the world. We ask our clients to participate directly with us using an agile process based on specific measures of success, collaborative design, rapid prototyping, and continuous testing and improvement. One combined team, making things the right way, with less time spent on arbitrarily defined deliverables and presentations.

The people at Work & Company have envisioned, designed, and built some of the most successful digital experiences in the world. We’d love to tell you more — just get in touch with us:

Update: yes, we designed and developed the new Virgin America responsive website. Read the press release here, Forrester Research's case study here, or check out the reviews in Wired and Fast Company.